It's A Flea Party

by Dr. Peter Hill 17. June 2014 13:23

Dr. Peter Hill

I entertained a phone call from a client today whom although she was attempting to laugh (at herself) I could definitely detect the worry in her voice.

“Dr. Hill” she said, you have to do something,  these fleas are going crazy, she said, it’s like they’re having a “flea party or something”!  Please help me, what can I do” she implored.  I put that Hartz  Spotton, on both “Sugarbaby” & “Candyapple” darn near 2 weeks ago, but they are still itching and “Sugar’s back side is red as fire! 

After a good 2-3 minutes of this I finally was able to question her about the # of animals in the COMPLETE environment, not just the indoor one, and to further explain the flea life cycle and OTC products vs. Prescription products.

It would appear, that Vickie had, with all good intentions purchased an OTC product to treat the two of her 5 dogs, that are ‘indoors’ only.  This term always makes me laugh, as I have to ask’ don’t the indoor dogs go outside at some point  to do their business”?

“Well yes Dr. Hill they do, but they stay in the house the rest of the time, whereas the other 3 live outside all the time to run the farm’.


I think the biggest mistake individuals make in flea control, is to think that the only animals that need treatment are the ones that live in the house. When in fact the very opposite is true. Every animal needs treatment on a consistent basis to completely kill the flea cycle. If 1 animal is left un-treated, this individual perpetuates the life cycle to be able to continue!

So even though her intentions were good (and like most of us, she was trying to save a buck) I had to crush her good intentions with good ol’ scientific know how.

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