The Right Vet For The Right Pet

by Dr. Peter Hill 5. July 2014 13:18

dr. peter hill

Sharing your life with an animal can bring you great joy, and can also bring you life-long rewarding benefits! In considering adding a pet to your family, it is best to learn about the needs of different types of pets that ultimately will best suit your lifestyle.

Each pet is different in terms of the type of care, feeding, behavior, housing and demands on your time. Equally as important, is the cost factor. Small 'pocket' pets require much less time and potential for veterinary visits as opposed to a brand new puppy that needs to be seen for puppy wellness visits, spayed or neutered at the appropriate age etc...

If you know what you are getting into up front, you'll be more likely to have a happy animal, a good relationship with your pet, and a much easier time dealing with any challenges that might arise.

Some questions to ask yourself as you consider what type of pet to get:

  • What type of animal is best fit for your home? Can I live with pet hair, a litter box, or the 'wear and tear' caused by pets?
  • If children are involved, how will having a pet affect them? Will everyone in the home be welcoming?
  • If you rent, do you have permission from the owner?
  • How much space do you have inside and outside your home? Will you need a fenced yard?
  • How much time do you have to spend with a pet?
  • What is your activity level? Are you sedentary or physically active?
  • Do you have someone that can be a secondary caregiver if you are away from home?

Do you have the financial resources if your pet has a medical crisis and has high veterinary bills?

Another key question to consider is where to get your new pet? Consider adopting, there are many wonderful dog, cat, rabbit and other animals at most local shelters. There are also rescue groups for specific dog and cat breeds as well as other types of pets. These individuals know each animal's traits & personalities which helps them to create a good match for your personality and lifestyle!

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